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Few Important points for Deliberations before Migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2

Nov 13, 2019
ST Team

Magento development

The Magento e-commerce development has seen remarkable innovations, with a shift of momentum towards v2.0 in place of Magento 1. However, Most of the Stores are migrating to Magento 2.0 with the latest trend of technology due to the richness of components. If you have decided to migrate your store, then there are few points to consider before making a move. Moreover, why is it important for an e-commerce store to make their move to Magento 2 that will help them to stay on board? Understand the fundamentals of Magento 2 Migration.

Prerequisites of Magento 2 Migration

A Magento 2 migration includes different components:

  • Data (product and customer)
  • Theme
  • Extensions
  • Custom Code

Before start migration, it is essential to understand the execution plan and strategies of the procedure. Detailed plan description will help you in the smooth processing of Migration.

Magento proposes a plan with the following basic steps before migration:

Step 1: Analyze the extensions of your existing website

Analyze the current extensions in Magento 1 version and find out that, what are the requirements in your new store? Mark out if the current extensions are existing from developers for Magento 2 version. As well as, this is the right time to remove any unnecessary data.

Step 2: Plot capacity

Migration is the perfect time to plan capacity on your Magento website. You have two options, whether you require advanced high-end functionality now or later in the time ahead.

Step 3: Build and test Magento 2

This phase includes a couple of different components; that is, installing Magento version 2 and setting up the store with design and topology.

Step 4: Start your migration

Now, it is time to migrate your website, you need to stop all activities and job going on of your admin panel, and save for order management functions. It is recommended that you migrate data through a pretended Magento 1 database instance. And once Reindex is complete then follow the process of methodically testing the Magento 2 store. Testing will ensure you that, there are no issues ahead of going live.

Step 5: Update incremental data

Now, you need to capture data updates like new orders, changes, and reviews in user profiles, and move them to the Magento 2 website.

Step 6: Go live

You could go live now. And you will experience the downtime for a short period for reindexing and modification of DNS settings. You are live now. Hurray!

Maybe, you could phase some issues to solve the process might not run exactly as planned and there might be some issues to solve. It is recommended to deliberate few points when migrating to Magento 2 version. It will help to create an error-free and smooth migration procedure.

Magento 2 Migration Difficulty

Magento 2 migration is not an easy process. Moreover, Magento 2 is just 20 % larger as compared to Magento 1, but total time required could be different for all. The efforts and time required to migrate depend upon the number of extensions, customizations involved and general complexity.

Importing Client and Products Data

Magento provides the tool to help webmasters import client and products data to the Magento 2 website. This tool verifies consistency between the database structures (tables and fields) of both version Magento, trails the data migration status, creates log files, and executes data verification tests. Importing all data function in three phases.

Migrates configuration settings.

Migrates main data in the database.

Transfers incremental data updates to the admin panel and storefront.

Importing Media Files

Importing media file could not possible with the migration of products data. Ideally, Media file needs to be moved manually. Magento guide that has given on the official website of Magento explains how you can migrate media files stored in the file system and the database system.

Migrating Theme and Extensions

All themes and extensions need to be re-created to work effectively with the 2.0 Magento structure. You could contact the product developer to access a new version of Magento extensions and themes for your website.

Performance Deliberations

There are lots of phase and components at the time of migration and there are odds that the migration process may not work smoothly. You do not need to panic while the thought of the performance. Getting the few errors are expected, despite proper planning and implementation. You just need to contact a specialized Magento developer to fix things up.


Migrating to Magento 2 version is important if you intend to stay on board with the latest innovations in the e-commerce network. As it is a complicated process, but it just required the proper planning and precise execution for a smooth run.


Posted on Nov 13, 2019

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