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How To Make WordPress Website More Secure?

Nov 15, 2019
ST Team

WordPress Website Security

Are you struggling with the security of your WordPress website? If yes, we as a WordPress Development Company have worked on making WordPress sites more secure and this has worked with us in many ways. In this blog, we will explain 8 tips and those tips can surely save your website from the hackers.

We observed many websites owners, who are concerned about their website’s security or sometimes the website’s security get compromised. People often think that open-source scripts are open for all sorts of attacks. But, it is not entirely true or other way around so we should not blame WordPress.

It is your or your developer’s fault who left some flaws in the website that hackers find easily and attacks the website. Let’s follow these tips to save your website from such malware attacks and hackers:

Change your login URL:

Change your login URL

The first step in my mind comes in, to change the default WordPress admin URL to a different and custom URL. WordPress’s default admin URL is “wp-admin” or “wp-login.php”. Having said this URL is very much predictive and your administrative panel can be accessed easily.

When your login page is accessible directly, the hackers can try to brute force their way in. They try to login with their GWDb (Guess Work Database, i.e. guessed username and passwords such as username: admin and password: admin@123 and they have millions of such combinations).

At this stage, we recommend changing the default URL to a custom and secured URL so no-one can guess it. – Change the “wp-admin” to a unique URL such as “my_manager”. – Change the “wp-login.php” to a unique URL such as “my_manager”. – Change your “wp-login.php?action=register” to a unique URL such as “my_new_registration”.

Use eMail as your username

Use eMail as your username

To login to your website’s administrative panel, you need to have a username. So, replace your username with your eMail address is highly recommended because usernames can be guessed, while email address cannot. Also, WordPress account is always created with a unique eMail address which can also be used as your username.

There may be some plugins available for the same but “WP eMail Login” can solve your purpose.

Lockdown or Ban Users:

Lockdown or Ban Users

We already have changed the default admin URL and username replaced with the eMail address. Further, we would recommend implementing “lockdown or ban user” feature on your website’s security. This feature for failed login attempts can also get rid of the security issue i.e. no more continue brute force to login in your admin. Whenever there is a hacking attempt with repetitive wrong passwords, after a specific number of attempts your site gets locked and you will be notified of unauthorized activities.

There are few plugins available which will help you to implement the lockdown feature on your website: – lockdown login – iThemes security plugin

Improve Strength Of your Password:

Improve Strength Of your Password

This section is highly recommended to secure not your website only but eMails too. Cybersecurity personnel recommends to play with your passwords and keep changing it regularly. For your websites, not to use genuine passwords such as “admin@123, P@ssword, password123, etc.” but also improve the password strength by adding uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special character into it. User secure password generator in the admin to generates the password.

Change WordPress Database Table Prefix:

Change WordPress Database Table Prefix

If you’re a WordPress Developer, you must be familiar with “wp-” as it is used in database prefix. We recommend changing the database table prefix to a unique prefix.

Having said that default database table prefix makes a website prone to SQL injection attacks. To prevent such attack on your website you need to change the database prefix to a unique prefix such as “mywp-” or “wpnew-” etc.

Disallow File Editing:

Disallow File Editing

WordPress is developed in a way that when you give someone admin access to your website he can access and modify all files of your website including theme and plugins.

To prevent, file editing you just need to disallow file editing by embedding a line of code in your “WP-config” i.e. “define(‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true);. After doing this, even a hacker cannot edit or modify the files.

Disable Directory Listing with .htaccess:

Disable Directory Listing with .htaccess

When you create a new directory as part of your website and you missed to create a page called “index.html” on the server. You will be surprised when you access this page from the browser, you will see all listed page and folders available in the directory.

Therefore, we recommend to disable directory listing with .htaccess by embedding a small line of code “| Options All – Indexes” in the .htaccess.

Update regularly:

Update regularly A software comes with its regular updates by its developers. But, WordPress gets updated very frequently. These updates may contain the bug fixes and major security patches.

By updating your WordPress versions, plugins and themes will get you the benefits of the security patches and can prevent you from serious attacks. Most of the hackers rely on that people does not care about the updates the plugins and the themes. The hackers exploit those bugs and the security of your website gets compromised. Hence, keep updating your WordPress version, plugins and themes regularly.

If your WordPress Development Company follows these steps to save your WordPress website from any sort of malware attacks.


Posted on Nov 15, 2019

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