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How to Speed Up the Loading Time of Your Website

Jan 12, 2020
ST Team

Speed Up Your Website in Web Browsers

In the age of Digitization, every business desires to have their online presence in a form website and mobile apps. Let’s consider the website as our today’s topic and we will discuss that how to improve the web browsing speed and how that helps you to get the better ROI.

Imagine, your website’s loading speed is slow in the web browser. It may be surprising for you to see your audience’s response:

  • 13% decreased user sessions
  • 21% less customer satisfaction
  • 5% loss in conversation
  • 19% increased bounce rate

Slow loading of your website could have cost you a lot in term of losing the potential customers and regular sales.

This means having a super-fast loading website doesn’t help only in better SERP but also leaves an impression on the end user.

How a fast website can influence your ROI:

Slow loading website leaves a customer with no purchase.

As per data, half of the internet visitors expect the websites to load in less than 2 seconds. If it takes more than 3 seconds then 45% visitors leave the website with no further activity.

Leaving the visitors with no activity also increases the bounce rate of the website. A high bounce rate reports Google that your website is low quality hence your SERP starts to suffer from that point in time.

We as Website Development Company have outlined a variety of factors that ruin your website’s browsing speed. By doing correction you can also speed up your website.

Optimize Images:

Optimize Images

Images always play the vital role in the website loading speed in the web browser. Usually, HTML developers keep them heavy while doing the PSD to HTML Conversion keeping in mind the high-quality user experience for the visitors.

From online marketer’s perspective, having multiple images of a product on the website may increase the conversion rate. But having high-quality multiple images on the website may increase the loading time in the web browsers and hence the customer may end up even without viewing your product.

This means the images must be there on the website to keep your end user engaged.

It is recommended for website owners to get all images optimized to lightweight and yet in a good quality and impressive images.

For example, there is a space for an image of 780 px and website owners upload an image of 2000 px. Now, website designers write a script that reduces the size of the image at run-time. During this course, the image loads first in the browser and then the program reduces the size of the image. It slows down the loading speed of the website. So we recommend to resize the image and then upload it to the website and when you’re re-sizing or making an image for your website use an option in the Photoshop “save for web”.

Minify Your CSS & JS:

Minify CSS

Now, you can reduce the number of requests that your website makes. The best way to start with your CSS and JS files to reduce the number of requests on your website.

These files are very much essential to any website as it defines how user-friendly & professional your website looks at the front end.

Now to reduce the number of requests you just need to minify and combining your files on the server.

Minify JS

Minifying a file includes removing unnecessary code, unformatted code, and white spaces in the code. Also make sure that you have removed all unnecessary line breaks, blank spaces, and unused commented code. In other words, make sure that your files are as clean as possible.

This will not only reduce the file size but also make your website Search Engine friendly.

Remove InLine CSS & JS:

Remove InLine CSS

You need to make sure that your website does not use any In-Line CSS and JS at all as it also increases the files size and slows down your website by a few seconds.

We recommend to review your HTML files and if you find any inline CSS and JS then make classes and merge these inline codes into your included files.

For example, for any inline CSS, make classes and cut these classes from the HTML files and paste them into your existing style.css.

Increase Server Response Time:

Increase Server Response Time

Server response time (DNS Lookup response) is also one of the most reasons to slow down your website’s loading speed. Your website loads quickly in the web browsers if your DNS Lookup takes less time.

A DNS is associated with your domain, hostnames, database, and IP Addresses. So when an end user writes your domain name into the address bar of a web browser, now DNS translates that URL name to an IP address that indicates its online location along fetches the database and contents from the server.

During this process, how long your DNS lookup takes to collect all this information to display in the browser, will define the response time and the speed of your website.

If you wish to run a DNS Speed Test, please Click Here check your website’s DNS Lookup response time.

Resolve all Conflicts from Console:

Resolve all Conflicts from Console

The console is a browser extension and works as debugging tool. As your run this debugging tool in your browser it will show you the messages from the extension along with error/conflicts messages logged by the browser. It also offers a command line that enables you to execute JS n the extension’s context.

In the Console Debugger, you will see the logged output including calls to console.log() from the hidden scripts which run in the background and any errors the browser raises as it executes them.

Please note, the console displays all errors raised by the browser, not just errors related to your extension’s code but also conflicts with the website.

We recommend you to address all errors/conflicts you found as it will not only increase the speed of your website but also user experience.

Store Images and CSS in Browser Cache:

Store Images and CSS in Browser Cache

When someone visits a website, the contents posted on the web page you browse are saved in the hard drive or temporary storage.

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This means when next visit comes from the same system, the browser can load the web page without sending an HTTP request to the server.

Once the page has been loaded and the different elements saved in the cache then only some elements required to be loaded for the returning visits.

As per internet study, these are 3 elements and takes .9 seconds to load and it saves nearly 2 seconds of the load time.

If your website is running on WordPress CMS then we as a WordPress Development Company recommends you to install plugins like W3 Total Cache to enabling the cache of your website.


Posted on Jan 12, 2020

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